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Notes from Sally Anderson

Between Bailes house and trail to Ravens Rocks:
Houstonia caerula, Bluets, Rubiaceae or Madder family, in bloom
Lechea rasemulosa, Illinois pinweed, Cistaceae or Frostweed family, dry stalk
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium, Narrow leaved mountain mint, Lamiaceae or Mint family
Botrychium dissectum, Grape fern,
Linum sp., Flax, Linaceae or Flax family, dry stalk

Path to North River:
Thalictrum thalictroides, Rue anemone, Ranunculaceae or Crowfoot family, in bloom
Polystichum acrostichoides, Christmas fern
Poa cuspidata, Short-leaved bluegrass, Poaceae or Grass family, in bloom
Claytonia virginiana, Spring beauty, Portulacaceae or Purslane family, in bloom
Carex spp., sedges, Cyperaceae or Sedge family
Hepatica americana, Roundlobe hepatica, Ranunculaceae or Crowfoot family
Dentaria lacinata, Cutleaf toothwort, Brassicaceae or Mustard Family, in bloom
Caulophyllum thalictroides, Blue cohosh, Berberidaceae or Barberry family, emerging growth
Betula lenta, Cherry birch, Corylaceae or Hazel family
Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip poplar, Magnoliaceae or Magnolia family
Magnolia acuminata, Cucumber tree, Magnoliaceae or Magnolia family
Lindera benzoin, Spicebush, Lauraceae or Laurel family, in bloom
Chimaphila maculata, Spotted wintergreen, Pyrolaceae or Shinleaf family
Mitchella repens, Partridgeberry, Rubiaceae or Madder family
Rhododendron maximum, Great Laurel, Ericaceae or Heath family
Hamamelis virginiana, Witch hazel, Hamamelidaceae or Witch-hazel family

Along river:
Mosses and lichens
Dryopteris marginata, Marginal shield fern
Polypodium virginianum, Common polypody
Pinus strobus, White pine, Pinaceae or Pine family
Tsuga canadensis, Eastern hemlock, Pinaceae or Pine family
Rosa acicularis, Prickley rose, Rosaceae or Rose family
Cornus candensis, Bunchberry, Cornaceae or Dogwood family, last year?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s leaves
Ribes cynosbati, Prickly gooseberry, Rosaceae or Rose family
Deschampsia flexuosa, Hairgrass, (or else Danthonia sp.), Poaceae or Grass family
Potentilla sp., Cinquefoil, Rosaceae or Rose family
Erythronium americanum, Trout lily, Liliaceae or Lily family
heart shaped Aster leaves
Linnaea borealis, Twinflower, Caprifoliaceae or Honeysuckle family
Mitchella repens, Partridgeberry, Rubiaceae or Madder family
Smilax rotundifolia, Common greenbrier, Liliaceae or Lily family
Vaccinium sp., Low blueberry, Ericaceae or Heath family
Fragraria sp., Strawberry, Rosaceae or Rose family, new leaves
Ranunculus sp., Buttercup, Ranunculaceae or Crowfoot family
Dichanthelium clandestinum, Deer tongue grass, Poaceae or Grass fam, blisters on sheath
Evergreen rosette of a smaller panic grass
Allium vineale, Wild garlic, Liliaceae or Lily family
Senecio (Packera) obovata, Golden ragwort, Asteraceae or Composite family
Sedum ternatum, Wild stonecrop, Crassulaceae or Orpine family
Viola sp., violets, Violaceae
Prunella sp., Heal all, Lamiaceae or Mint family
Elymus sp., Wild rye, Poaceae or Grass family
Gallium spp., Bedstraws, Rubiaceae or Madder family
Carpinus americana, American hornbeam or Musclewood, Corylaceae or Hazel family
Dryopteris spinulosa, Spinulose wood fern

Trail to Ravens Rocks:
Ostrya virginica, Hop hornbeam, Corylaceae or Hazel family
Quercus prinus, Chestnut oak, and other oaks, Fagaceae or Beech family
Carya ovata, Shagbark hickory, Juglandaceae or Walnut family
Pinus virginiana, Scrub pine, Pinaceae or Pine family
Pinus rigida, Pitch pine, Pinaceae or Pine family
Pinus strobus, White pine, Pinaceae or Pine family
and maybe Pinus echinata, Shortleaf pine, Pinaceae or Pine family
Carex albicans, Whitetinge Sedge, Cyperaceae or Sedge family, in bloom
Carex umbellata, Parasol Sedge, Cyperaceae or Sedge family, in bloom
Carex nigromarginata, Black Edged Sedge, Cyperaceae or Sedge fam, bloom, poss watchlist
Cunila origanoides, Dittany, Lamiaceae or Mint family, dry stalk, orange oil glands on calyx
Cornus floridus, Dogwood, Cornaceae or Dogwood family
Vaccinium sp., Blueberry, Ericaceae or Heath family, different species than one by river
Smilax glauca, Saw brier, Liliaceae or Lily family
Amelanchier sp., Serviceberry, Rosaceae or Rose family
Juniperus virginiana, Eastern red cedar, Cupressaceae or Cypress family
Silene sp., a pink with linear leaves, Caryophylaceae or Pink family

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