eastern panhandle native plant society


EPNPS Photos
These are links to photos from EPNPS and WVNPS field trips, and individual member activities.

# June 2003 Mountain Laurel, Figwort, Yellow Star Grass, Mountain Laurel in bud, Bowman’s Root – photos by Charles Sullivan
# May 2003 Birds Foot Violet, Yellow Lady’s Slipper, Cardamine bulbosa, Showy Orchis, False Solomon’s Seal, Hairy Beardtongue , Wild Azalea at Sleepy Creek – photos by Charles Sullivan
# April 2003 Dutchmans Breeches, Yellow Corydalis, Redbud Blossoms, Spring Beauties, Rue Anemone, and Bloodroot and Rock Tripe – .pdf file – photos all by Charles Sullivan
# March 26, 2003 Twinleaf in Bud photo by Kathy Bilton
# Blandy Winter Botany Workshop with Carrie Blair
# Tea Creek
# Ice Mountain
# Shepherd College
# Shepherd College

# Below are all photos from our September 7, 2002 field trip to Bell Grove’s Shale Barren. All were taken by Charles Sullivan: Cardinal Flower
# Group gathers round
# Goats Rue
# Kate’s Mountain Clover (not in bloom)
# Lespedeza Violacea